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Vincent R. Impellitteri
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Vincent R. Impellitteri was a mayor beset with political and practical challenges. As Impellitteri was the City Council President at the time of Mayor O’Dwyer’s resignation in 1950, he succeeded to the mayoralty…...More

Collection Highlights
  • The City's Largest and Last Reservoir SystemAn historic interstate agreement allows NYC to nearly double the water the city will take from the Delaware River watershed. This newsletter shows the massive construction on the Delaware system.
  • One-Way Avenues in ManhattanMajor Manhattan avenues shifted to one-way traffic for the first time during the Impellitteri years. These documents reveal the initial protests by residents, unions, businesses and bus companies.
  • City Loses Control of Subways and BussesImpellitteri battles Gov. Dewey over control of subways and busses as the Transit Authority is formed. This pro-Impellitteri pamphlet shows the pressure by Albany to accept Dewey's terms.
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