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William O'Dwyer
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William O’Dwyer was a popular and celebrated mayor, though investigations into organized crime and corruption in the years during and following his mayoralty tarnished his reputation....More

Collection Highlights
  • First Increase in NYC Subway Fare in HistoryIn this April 20, 1848 Press Release, Mayor O'Dwyer outlines the first increase in subway fare ever, and the reasons why it is necessary. The press release is followed by a political pamphlet seeking to reverse the decision
  • NYC Turns Airports Over to the Port AuthorityThis series of documents reveals the progression of ideas for meeting the capital and management needs of the city's new and growing airports, culminating in the decision to turn them over to the Port Authority.
  • UN Chooses Manhattan for Permanent HQIn the mid-1940s, NYC competed with other places to host the United Nations, first pushing Flushing Meadows as a permanent HQ site, before turning to Manhattan. Here are selected documents that help tell that story.
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