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Robert F. Wagner
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Mayor Wagner epitomized a revolution in both the style and the substance of municipal governance and politics....More

Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Files, 1985-1990, Finding Aid - NYC Dept. of Records
Collection Highlights
  • Mayor Wagner Speech, WPIX-TV, April 11, 1954 The activities of the city governmentMayor Wagner speech, early in his term, providing for an economized budget, which included increased salaries for city employees, support of hospitals and charitable insitutions, more policeman, and slumlord regulation.
  • Mayor Wagner's Monthly Press Conferences broadcast on WNYC, 1954-1957.From 1954-1957, Mayor Wagner had monthly press conferences. WNYC has archived these broadcasts and made them available to the public.
  • NAACP Attorney Constance Baker Motley Confronts Racism at "Ole Miss"Joel Motley recounts the courage of his mother, Constance Baker Motley, as an NAACP Legal Defense Fund attorney in the early 1960s.
  • Remembering Eleanor Roosevelt"She was more than a great lady, more than a great personality, more than a great humanitarian. She was a great phenomenon in a phenomenal age.” Mayor Robert. F. Wagner, 1963
  • Mayor Wagner Campaigns for George McGovern, 1972“George McGovern is a man of tender and responsive conscience . . . of strong loyalties, high principles and fierce convictions.“ Mayor Robert F. Wagner
  • President Johnson, Mayor Wagner & the Mississippi Freedom DemocratsIn 1964 Democrats debated whether to seat the the segregationist Mississippi Democrats or the Mississipi Freedom Democrats. President Johnson and Mayor Wagner discuss this on the telephone.
  • Senator Robert F. Wagner Supports the Social Security Act of 1935Senator Wagner's radio speech on WEVD May 3, 1935 in favor of "The Economic Security Bill" (aka Social Security Act).
  • Remembering Dr. Jean Pakter: Out-of-Wedlock Births in New York City I-Sociologic AspectsIn this 1961 article published in the American Journal of Public Health, Dr. Jean Pakter analyzes the rise in out of wedlock births in New York City.
  • Remembering Dr. Jean Pakter: Two Years Experience in New York City With the Liberalized Abortion Law-Progress and ProblemsNew York State legalized abortion in 1970, three years before Roe v. Wade. Dr. Pakter used New York City's experiences to analyze the effects.
  • Mobilization for Youth Press Release, May 31, 1962Mayor Wagner's Press Release on May 31, 1962 announcing President John F. Kennedy's support for Mobilization for Youth on the Lower East Side.
  • Lyndon Johnson Appoints Constance Baker Motley to be a Federal JudgeJoel Motley discusses how his mother, civil rights attorney Constance Baker Motley, was appointed a federal judge directly by President Lyndon Johnson.
  • Julius CC Edelstein Collection (Wagner Staff Member)Full-text document collection within the Wagner Collection.
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